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What to Know About Self Harm in Teens (and how you can help)

At Milestone House, we see firsthand the trauma caused to kids in the foster system. We’re seeing an increased rate of self harm in teens. We’re here to be the ally to help these kids seek healthy alternatives to self harm.

Young people who self-harm often feel overwhelming emotional pain. O

thers say they feel lonely, worthless or empty inside and will do anything to feel better, if only for a moment.

Self-harm can also be a way for kids to take control of their bodies when they feel a lack of control over other things—or when other aspects of their lives seem unmanageable.

Milestone House has been serving foster teens for over 30 years. While we’ve seen a lot of changes over those three decades, one thing has remained the same: foster teens are the most vulnerable survivors of trauma.

All kids in foster care need nurturing homes that provide them with a safe place to process their feelings of grief, loss, and trauma; freedom to express who they are; and structure to support them in becoming responsible, healthy adults.

We recently added a mental health program to our services at Milestone House, to assist our residents where they live, when they need it.

Creating a welcoming and affirming foster program for foster teen girls and transgender kids is our mission!

Providing this level of care takes ongoing support from our community.

YOU can directly help a teen suffering from self harm by becoming a Friend to Milestone House:

Help us provide a loving, stable home to teens in foster care by becoming a Friend To Milestone House:

When you give to Milestone House, you are helping to bring positive and fundamental change to the lives of children who are among the most vulnerable in our community. For that we thank you!

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