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Raise the roof for Milestone House

Did you know that Milestone House has been operating out of the same home in Oceanside since 1992?

Milestone House is a residential home, located in a safe and pretty neighborhood. The kids who live here have a place to call home, one that is always staffed with caring adults and provides services such as mental health.

We are incredibly proud to announce that Milestone House is in the process of purchasing

this home, one that we’ve been renting for 30 years.

If you’ve ever owned a home or lived in a house for as long as Milestone House has, you know that there’s always a never-ending list of upgrades and improvements to make.

This year, Milestone House needs a new roof.

We're seeking donations to help us replace the roof and repair termite damage.

You can sponsor a portion of this roof expense.

Your support will go a long way towards providing our teen foster kids with a safe, supportive, nurturing home. A place they can finally call their own, a home with stability and adult supervision… and hopefully, soon, a brand new roof!

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