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Trauma: The Central Focus of Milestone House's Care and Treatment

Children who are survivors of child abuse have one thing in common: trauma. They are traumatized by the abuse they suffered (if the abuse was on-going the trauma is multiplied), and if they are removed for their own safety from the custody of their caregivers, they are once again traumatized. The children and youth that we work with at Milestone House have varying degrees of trauma that they live with every day.

Experts are finding that trauma and abuse can have a profoundly negative effect on a developing brain, resulting in anxiety, depression, and developmental delays. 1 in 4 children in foster care have PTSD as a result of the trauma they have endured.

Many with PTSD experience an almost continual state of fear and anxiety and may experience flashbacks to the traumatic event. Oftentimes, trauma and its after effects leads to disturbances in behavior, such as anger, rage, and self-destructive behavior. Sadly, even with therapy the effects of trauma may persist into adulthood for our kids.

In order to best assist our children with trauma, Milestone House uses an evidence based best practice model for trauma informed care. All our staff are trained in the use of this model, and the model is used by our therapist in individual and group sessions with our girls. Trauma is the overriding issue for foster children and youth and is the central focus of Milestone's care and treatment.

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