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Milestone House is a Safe Place for Transgender Youth

Milestone House has been serving foster teens for 30 years. While we’ve seen a lot of changes over those three decades, one thing has remained the same: foster teens are the most vulnerable survivors of trauma.

Youth who identify as lesbian, gay, bisexual, transgender, questioning, or other diverse identity (LGBTQ+) are included in the foster care system. Like all young people, LGBTQ+ youth in foster care need the support of a nurturing team to help them navigate their teenage years and grow into healthy adults.

These youth face additional challenges, including the losses that brought them into care as well as other possible traumatic events related to abuse and neglect.

At Milestone House, we take pride in being a safe place for teens, especially those identifying as transgender.

All kids in foster care need nurturing homes that provide them with a safe place to process their feelings of grief, loss, and trauma; freedom to express who they are; and structure to support them in becoming responsible, healthy adults.

Creating a welcoming and affirming foster program for foster teen girls and transgender kids is our mission!

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