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Celebrating 30 years of Milestone House!

30 years ago, Milestone House was created. Since it first opened in 1992, we’ve been working with girls and transgender youth, who are survivors of child abuse and require treatment for serious psychological, emotional, and behavioral issues.

At Milestone House, we are committed to providing caring, compassionate treatment and services to assist children whose mental health and well-being have been compromised by the trauma they have experienced in their young lives.


In 1992, Beverly Boone, the founder of Milestone House, was approached to take over a residential treatment center in the foster care system.

Beverly had experience in curriculum development for students with special learning needs and learning disabilities, but she was unfamiliar with running a residential treatment center, so she started to research this concept.

When her research revealed that children in the foster care system had a high incidence of learning disabilities, she knew she had found her calling.

After many months of preparation and approval for license, Milestone House was opened on September 29, 1992.

Over the years, Beverly has become expert at running a treatment center for children who are survivors of child abuse and works tirelessly to advocate for these often forgotten young people.

For 30 years, Beverly has been the Executive Director of Milestone House and continues her work to help foster children and former foster youth with the same determination and enthusiasm to this day.

To help us celebrate our 30th anniversary we are asking you to ...

When you give to Milestone House, you are helping to bring positive and fundamental change to the lives of children who are among the most vulnerable in our community. For that we thank you!

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